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EMP Sees Huge Benefit With New Software

Engineered Metal Products recently implemented JetCAM software as a laser programming and nesting solution.  Nesting software is utilized to maximize material utilization efficiency.  This keeps cost down and allows for more parts per square inch of material.

JetCAM was chosen for its nesting capabilities.  Conventionally nests are created manually by expert programmers.  This is a very time consuming process, but it often produces the best results because the human brain can recognize shapes and put parts together much like a puzzle.  Nests may also be created using nesting software to produce a base nest which is then modified by a programmer to maximize its efficiency.  This method reduces programming time dramatically but still requires the programmer to spend time modifying a less-than-ideal computer-generated nest.

With JetCAM software, nests with the highest possible efficiency are generated automatically.  No manual intervention by a programmer is necessary.  In fact, JetCAM is capable of producing more efficient nests than even the best programmers.  Not only does this mean drastically reduced programming time, but it also means that nesting efficiency is always at a maximum.

JetCAM dramatically reduces laser processing time as well.  By automatically optimizing lead-in locations and avoiding cutouts JetCAM reduces rapid travel time and prevents head crashes.  After just a few weeks of using JetCAM as our programming solution, we’ve seen dramatic gains throughout the laser process.  Automatic nesting has saved us tremendous amounts of time compared with the manual process we used previously.  Material utilization has also increased significantly.  We’re producing far more parts per sheet than we ever have before.

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